Job Postings

Chali-Rosso Art Gallery is offering the following position:

Job title: 3D Imaging Technology Photographer (NOC 5221-B)
Location of work: On-site or at customers
Job Type/terms of employment: Permanent, full-time (35 hours per week)
Starting date: Immediate
Wage: $21.00/hour ($38,220/year)

Main Job duties:
1.    Operating multi-camera white light scanning system to create nano-scale resolution 3D images of fine art objects on computer using FlexScan:
a.    Setting up, mounting/installing multi-camera 3D scanning equipment
b.    Determining specific art medium and setting the system accordingly
c.    Determining desired images and picture composition based on specific characteristics of the art mediums
d.    Selecting and adjusting subjects, equipment, and lighting to achieve desired effects
e.    Calibrating using calibration board to map the space for the artwork to be captured
f.    Scanning the artwork from multiple views and creating digital files
g.    Using alignment and merging technology for multi-shot scans creating single mesh object
h.    Using built in tools for hole-filling and mesh optimization
2.    Analyzing nano-resolution 3D results for art verification and authentication with Geomagic XOS and/or FlexScan
3.    Performing comparison analysis between previously rendered scientific images and recent results using Geomagic XOS and/or FlexScan
4.    Collecting, processing and recording scientific data of the artwork through multi-camera 3D scanner system in order to determine the unique ID of the artwork
5.    Taking high resolution photographs for paper print outs
6.    Processing exposed films using chemicals, touch up tools and equipment or other techniques to retouch negatives
7.    Creating certificates on digital media, paper records and documentation

Additional Job Duties:
1.    Advising clients on maintenance, preservation, restoration of works of art
2.    Familiarizing clients with the art verification process
3.    Archiving and securing sensitive and confidential information

Main Requirements:
•    Education:
      Bachelor in Photography
•   Work experience:
–    Minimum 2-3 years of work experience with operating white light 3D scanning equipment
–    Minimum 2-3 years of work experience using FlexScan and Geomagic XOS (earlier called Rapidform) software
–    Work experience with comparative data analysis
–    Thorough knowledge in major types of medium in fine arts
–    Knowledge of art history and/or art appraisal
–    Work experience with photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop

Additional requirements:
–    Additional Bachelor or Certificate in a Fine Art related field preferred
–    Knowledge and work experience in appraising local and international works of art would definitely be an asset
–    Applicants should also be fluent in English and have good presentation and communication skills
–    The successful candidate will be required and able to travel
–    Confidentiality is paramount and applicants must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement