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Recently we had a special visitor in our gallery, Helena, who has just discovered the art we have to offer. Helena Kaufman writes on communication topics. She took time out for culture and the messages on the Chali-Rosso Art Gallery walls. Helena was kind enough to share her thoughts and impressions with us, and we are happy to share it with you:

How I found joy in art and touched the imagination of great mastersAnti-Umbrella with Atomized Liquid

Have you stepped into an art gallery recently? You know, you may discover a world of experience opens to you, just you. Such a personal experience in finding joy in art and easily learning more about it happened on my first visit to the Chali-Rosso Art Gallery on Granville Street.

As a visitor at “Chali-Rosso”, nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s gallery district, you are treated to an up close and personal view of the strokes of genius of masters. It’s breathtaking to be in the presence of the actual works created by the hands of the most well known artists in the history of fine art.

Once upon a time, before Chali-Rosso Gallery brought the exclusive original works of Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso to Vancouver, you could only have dreamed of seeing them for free and so close to home!

Chali-Rosso Art Gallery’s curator and president, Susanna Strem and gallery associate, Oree Gianacopoulos have created an inviting space. Here, standing alongside art lovers and art collectors, I delighted in the art on display on the gallery’s fresh white and red walls. And then there’s what didn’t happen. I hadn’t stopped at the door of the gallery where some of us hover, too intimidated to walk through.

I felt welcome. At Chali-Rosso Gallery I discovered how easy it is to slip into the world of art and into the pleasures any body of work can reveal.

Happily, enjoying beautiful works of art is a pleasure anyone can pursue. Art calls to us. It inspires regardless of the beholder’s wealth or personal breadth of experience or education with any particular artist’s technique.

Your first step is to take time out of the hurry we’re all in to enjoy art’s exquisite reach into your dreams or ideas. Whether you are a casual visitor or an established collector, feel invited into the calm space art provides.

Art makes us think.

It moves us emotionally.  

Art is fun.

It can be the ‘canvas’ on which you have great conversations at home or in your workplace. And it can lead you to a legacy that appreciates in value and enjoyment.   

Visage de profil reposant sur un bras

I learned about some of the art I was drawn to, because as Susanna said to me in conversation, “Galleries are meant to be enjoyed and the art appreciated, no matter what level of knowledge or experience you have of the art. We welcome the opportunity to show, to talk about the art in the gallery and to answer questions. This is how people can learn about art and what they personally enjoy about it.”

Art collector or casual admirer?

I wondered where the turning point of passion for art might be. I asked Susanna about how someone might go from casual admirer of art to a collector.

“Collectors often start with a single purchase of a piece of art they find irresistible. Perhaps they are drawn by the drama an artist has captured such as Salvador Dali’s magnificent contrasts or the boldly beautiful lines in Rembrandt’s brilliant work.

Soon, they discover the art styles they are drawn to and wish to learn more about. There’s an inevitable connection to the heart, whether their original attraction to a piece is as an art investment or for the passion it inspires. The sense of joy in the art is always deepened with the history and knowledge of the artist or their work that we are glad to share.”

Thank you, Helena for your generous comments and clear insights.

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