How to know if your art is authentic or faux find – Art Authentication

Can you identify how a certain piece of art makes you feel? It’s real for you, isn’t it? Now, do you think you can recognize if the art work itself is authentic? Is it really the work of the artist it claims to be?

Well, like you, many people who appreciate art will be stopped in their tracks and even hesitate to purchase art based on this frequently asked question of “How do I know it’s real?”

Susanna Strem, an expert on art authentication, who is also the owner and curator of the gallery, has the answer to this question:

This is one of the most frequently asked and I might add urgent question I am asked by individuals and by collectors when they have selected an artwork for purchase.

The FBI Art Fraud Team has stated that art fraud costs gallery owners, collectors and insurance companies in the billions of dollars a year.
Art authentication is a pivotal point when it comes to serious acquisitions. At Chali-Rosso Gallery we stand behind every work of art we acquire for clients and can guarantee its authenticity. We have great experience and has successfully addressed client concerns about authenticity in art. The art gallery is a leader in art authentication services of graphic works by European Modern Masters.

  • All the artwork the gallery is offering are ORIGINAL works by the artist, there are no reproductions of any kind
  • Each artwork presented in the gallery undergoes a rigorous art authentication process
  • Only if its originality is proven without any doubt, is it offered to the public
  • The Certificate of Authenticity, when it is finally issued, is based on reliable documentations, reference to the Catalogue Raisonne(s) and other references of trusted resources within the academic art community
  • The documents can be verified through third party authenticators

Because Chali-Rosso Art Gallery stands behind all of its artwork as original, they offer reliable and detailed documentation as well as a certificate that assures clients of the authenticity and value of their acquisitions.

If you have specific questions about technique or originality of a specific work, please call us at 604 733-3594 or contact the gallery here.

In order to ensure and to maintain the authenticity of fine art, we have developed a digital technology which is a highly precise verification system. Art Authentication

It supplements the human eyes and the expertise we rely on as front line verification.
In upcoming posts, Chali-Rosso Art Gallery discusses when and how your art works can be at risk for art fraud even in everyday transactions.

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Up next: We discuss a revolutionary support in verifying art authenticity and permanently authenticating art based on 3-D scanning technology.