FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY from October 17 to November 10

“it’s five o’clock somewhere”

We are thrilled to announce that over 20 fine-art photographs by artist David Yarrow to be displayed and offered at Chali-Rosso Art Gallery from October 17th till November 10th.

David’s photography has been exhibited in many cities around the world, including Oslo, Monaco, London, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966, he is now an internationally acclaimed, and is currently the world’s best-selling fine art photographer.

Capturing the beauty of the planet’s remote landscapes, cultures and endangered animals has built David Yarrow’s unrivaled reputation for photographic excellence. David often uses a remote-controlled camera to capture the most dangerous animals in their natural, environmentally sensitive habitats. This photographic technique allows David to achieve unique angles and perspectives, often capturing animals looking directly into the lens or down at the camera.

David Yarrow has also worked with well-known celebrities and incorporated them into his wildlife photos, including Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne and Canadian Pamela Anderson.

In April 2018, David Yarrow’s iconic ‘Wolf of Main Street’ image went up for auction at Sotheby’s in New York. The work sold for $135,000; the highest price ever bid for a work by a living photographer. This remarkable record has since been eclipsed with Yarrow’s breathtaking image of a Polar Bear titled “78 Degrees North”, which sold for $147,000 in London, May 2018 and “Amboseli Kenya”, sold earlier this year for $143,000.

The exhibition is presented by Chali-Rosso Art Gallery in partnership with LuvnGrace Entertainment. Additional sponsors are Jireh Stone Ltd. and Georgia Hassler.