Biography Joan Miro, 1893-1983

His Personality

Miro was a disciplined hard working man. He spoke little and looked like the perfect bourgois. He was orderly, reliable and punctilious. Nothing of him had any touch of a bohemian.
He was also a modest man. In spite of international recognition, his financial situation was tense. He dreamed of a large studio where he could fulfill the numerous art projects and ideas that he collected in a little notebook. After World War II his time had finally come. His first trip to the USA pushed his popularity and the market value of his art work. And the modest little man pushed the galleries to give him a fairer share out of the sales. In a letter to gallery owners he wrote:

    “What I will no longer accept is the mediocre life of a modest little gentleman.”

In 1956 Miro could finally move into the villa of his dreams. Located in Palma de Majorca and built by the architect Josep Lluis Sert. The new home was built in an ultra-modern style typical for the avant-garde architecture of the 50s. In 1992 it was transformed into the Miro Museum open for the public.

Collecting Joan Miro Prints

Miro was a prolific print maker. He worked in etchings and lithographs. And Miro is among those modern artists like Picasso or Chagall whose works were also published in large print editions targeted at a larger audience.