Matisse – Picasso exhibition

Picasso said: “You have got to be able to picture side by side everything Matisse and I were doing at that time. No one has ever looked at Matisse’s painting more carefully than I; and no one has looked at mine more carefully than he.”

Now all of you have the chance to look carefully at both of these masters’ original art works. In the Chali-Rosso Art Gallery we would like to express our respect to these great artists by presenting an exhibition that will start at 6.00 pm, Thursday, February 16.

Throughout their lives Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse created an impressive body of works. They expressed their creativity through a wide variety of media, like painting, sculpture, ceramic, murals and printmaking as well. Beside the superior technical skills they possessed, it is most fascinating the delicacy and expressiveness of these graphic works.

Beside the Picasso – Matisse Exhibition we are also showing our permanent collection of other Modern Masters such as Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró.

Some champaign may pop up as well.

For more information: Matisse – Picasso exhibition