Live painting events

Live art will be created at McArthurGlen for the next three weekends.
The artist-in-residence program, launched in July, will include the following artists with diverse styles:

Aug. 22 – 23, artist Olga Rybalko (BA, University of British Columbia) will create Coastal Reflections. Olga  is  a representational painter capturing the natural landscape with a unique attention to the magic of each place. She combines her artistic passion with her love of travel to create scenery that captures the mind and the heart.

After winning a 2012 art competition for her live speed-painting skills, live painting turned into a business. She captures weddings, events, and fundraisers on canvas in real time as they unfold.

Aug. 29 – 30, artist Karen Hollowell will create Forest Rhythm. Hollowell has studied in Syracuse and London, and has experience working with clients including Disney Publishing and The Smithsonian Institute.

Now exclusively a painter, Hollowell’s works have recently been used in TV set design. She was the 2019 artist for the Blues Music awards in Memphis.

Sept. 5 – 6, artist Jace Junggyu Kim will create Dilemma. Kim was born and raised in Korea, where he was influenced by comic book art. He graduated from Emily Carr University with a bachelor’s degree in animation before transitioning to painting.

Kim uses a variety of mediums and is ambidextrous, which means he is able to use both hands –  right and left – when painting. With a distinct style for each hand that combine to show the struggle and harmony of being in between.