Biography Carlos Monsalve

Carlos Monsalve (Cali 1957), is an artist in full possession of a fantastic artistic maturity; he enjoys a firm reputation as a painter and master in graphic arts. His work is highly appreciated by art enthusiasts and has been well acknowledged by the most demanding critics who have highlighted his creative force, as well as the refinement of his technique.

From the very beginning, in his native homeland Cali, Monsalve showed his interest for social issues, but also for what he has called the “inner spaces”, as well as for the Bohemian world. In Quito, Ecuador he established a family and became naturalized.

The signs of magic appear later on with the creation of an astonishing imaginary universe, which is very personal and may be identified as a dreamlike fantasy that entails a rare seduction and refers us to literature, mythology, traditions, legends, as well as to Colombian and Latin American folk tales.

Monsalve’s palette – in which dark, green and blue tones prevail – is of exquisite quality. In his canvases the chiaroscuro acquires disturbing nuances that mark gradual and subtle chromatic transitions. Shades give way to diffused lights that brighten up spaces the artist seeks to bring to light, thus adopting a supernatural presence that stops being evident as it turns into fantastic visions.

Monsalve craftily reconciles extreme tensions; he neutralizes contrasts and makes his fantasies true-to-life, thanks to the mastery of forms, colours, and contents. In his recent works the mythical presence of figures like the Mapiripana, priestess of silence, and of the Anaconda, that enormous reptile that in her drapery displays fantastic adornments as she transports herself to the Amazon carrying on her back different peculiar characters, all reveal the coexistence of enigma and reality.

In Monsalve it is difficult to separate the painter from the draftsman, the artisan, the creator. He does everything with the same passion, while he obeys the mysterious mandates of his most inner self.

In his atelier Monsalve has everything at hand; this is his sanctuary where day by day he withdraws together with all his instruments, materials, tools, and potions, which allow him to bring to fruition the marvellous products of his imagination. But most of all, with his endless creativity nurtured by his dreams where imaginings, readings, and mysterious visions cohabit, and which the artist has been able to decode only in a state of grace.

Carlos Monsalve has been exhibiting all over the world for many decades. His works are well known in Latin-America, as well in Europe and the US.

Watch the artist creating his etchings in his own studio:


2013 Exhibition “UNA EXPERIENCIA EN EL TALLER” Imaginar Casa de Arte Guayaquil
2010 Monsalve on the SEK Auditorium Monastery Guápulo.
2009 Anthological Exhibition, “25 Years painting in Ecuador” and opening of the book “Interior landscape”, The Ecuadorian house of culture, Quito-Ecuador Benjamin Carrion Prize
2007 Etching Traveling Exhibition Alliance Françoise, La Paz Bolivia. Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Bogota-Colombia
2007 Oil and Etching Exhibition, House of the Arts, La Ronda St. Quito-Ecuador
2007 Oil and Etching Exhibition, Exhibition shows room “Teatro Centro de Arte”. Guayaquil-Ecuador
2006 Oil paintings, etchings exhibition and presentation of the book “History of an intruder”, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (House of Ecuadorian Culture) Quito-Ecuador.
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Corumba – Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Embassy of Ecuador in Brasilia – Brazil
2006 Oil paintings, etchings exhibition and presentation of the book “History of an intruder”, Renovado Mercado Sur del Malecón 2000 (Crystal Palace) Guayaquil -Ecuador.
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Republic cultural centre “El Cabildo”. Asuncion – Paraguay
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Zorrilla Museum, Montevideo – Uruguay
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Borges cultural centre, Buenos Aires – Argentina
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Providencia cultural institute, Santiago de Chile – Chile
2006 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition, Visual Arts Gallery, from the cultural centre “Ccori Wasi” of Ricardo Palma University, Lima – Peru
2005 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Artesa Gallery; Chicago, Illinois. – United States of America.
2005 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. Gatineau, Québec. – Canada
2005 Diplomatic Academy of Ecuador, Oil paintings and etchings exhibition. Quito – Ecuador.
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Museo Galeria Josefina Managua – Nicaragua
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Fundación del Hombre Hondureño – Tegucigalpa – Honduras
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Centro Cultural Español San Salvador- El Salvador
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Hotel St. Domingo. Antigua- Guatemala.
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Calderon Guardia Museum, San José – Costa Rica
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Salon De La Plástica Mexicana, México DF – México.
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington D.C., Washington D.C. – United States of America
2004 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. Imaginar Art House. Aventura, Florida.
2003 Itinerant Engraving Exhibition. It«s Art Gallery Panama – Republic of Panama
2001 Carlos Monsalve 2001. Imaginar, Quito – Ecuador
2000 Arrayanes country club engraving Exhibition. Quito , Ecuador
1999 Imaginar, Painting and engraving Exhibition. Quito , Ecuador
1998 Imaginar, painting, drawing and Sculpture Quito – Ecuador
1998 Seseribó: 10 year after
1996 Pedro Moncayo Foundation. Ibarra-Ecuador
1995 Imaginar, Exhibition of nudes, Quito-Ecuador
1994 El Charco, Cali-Colombia
1993 Sketch Gallery, Quito-Ecuador
1992 Nesle Gallery Paris – France
1991 Showroom for contemporary Arts. Quito-Ecuador
1991 Gala Art Centre. Guayaquil-Ecuador
1989 Contemporary Art Showroom (Showroom for contemporary Arts), Quito-Ecuador
1988 Seseribó, Quito-Ecuador

2014 LA CALACA PRESS III International Print “POSADA’S CENTENARY” Eugenius Gallery VIC 3181, Australia.
2013 LA CALACA PRESS III International Print Exchange “POSADA CENTENARIO”
2013 LA CALACA PRESS III International Print Exchange “POSADA CENTENARIO”
2013 ATELIER INT´L ART GALLERY Corpus Christi, Texas USA.
2013 LA CALACA PRESS III International Print Exchange “POSADA CENTENARIO”
2013 MUSEO DE LA CIUDAD Guadalajara México.
2013 Exhibition 5 years of Printmaking, “Centro de Grafica Internacional”
2011 Exhibition of paintings of Latin America and the Caribbean. Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment, Japan.
2011 Imaginar Casa de Arte, Generations, Kingman, Guayasamín, Tabara, Velarde and Zapata.
2011 Exhibition Ojo con la Gráfica Centro de Gráfica Internacional Ibarra
2010 House of Culture SOACHA American Graphic Artists Association Bogota – Colombia.
2007 Art with two hands hosted by Operacion sonrisa, Itchimbia Cultural Center, Quito-Ecuador.
2006 The earth, the masters and the art, April 19, Day of the earth, Enrrique Davila Cobos Metal Museum, Cuenca-Ecuador
2006 3rd South American Festival, Corumba, Mato Grosso do Sul-Brasil.
2005 Art with two hands hosted by Operacion Sonrisa, Itchimbia Cultural Center, Quito-Ecuador.
2005 Green Wind , green branch Exhibition , Ecominga Foundation, Itchimbia Cultural Center, Quito-Ecuador
2004 Temporary Oil, pencil and engraving exhibition. Imaginar Fort Lauderdale Gallery. Fort Lauderdale, FL – U.S.A.
2004 Erotic Art exhibition MAREA, Salas Miguel de Santiago, Eduardo Kingman y Oswaldo Guayasamín, Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (Ecuadorian House of the Culture), Quito – Ecuador.
2004 Iberoamerican Art Showroom, Washington D.C. – U.S.A
2004 Ecuadorian Artist Group exhibit, Imaginar Art House, Aventura, Florida, – U.S.A.
2004 Verde viento verde ramas, ecological exhibit in collaboration with Ecominga, Itchimbia, Quito – Ecuador
2003 Central Bank of Ecuador’s Anthology
2003 Collective exhibition Stornaiolo, Aguirre & Monsalve, Imaginar Gallery, House of Art. Cumbayá-Ecuador.
2003 IBEC Brazilian Ecuadorian Institute of Culture ART BY TWO HANDS Sponsor: Smile foundation.
2003 Tribute to a friend. Collective Exhibition honoring the art historian; Dr. Inés Flores. Imaginar gallery Quito – Ecuador
2002 FORTIN ART, Las Peñas Guayaquil. – Ecuador
2002 Expression and form in the Ecuadorian art in the xx Century, GALLERY IT«S ART Panama
2001 Natural fibers institute. Berlin – Germany
2001 Italo-Latinoamerican Institute. Ecuador in paper Roma – Italy.
2000 The museum of paper fundation ã HAND MADE WORK OF ART IN PAPER Ministry of foreign affairs.
2000 The city Museum A COLONIAL ART STAGE, Our lady of the Angels
2000 TIANGUEZ cultural center, Religious Art Season
2000 Paper artists of Ecuador, FIBER AND ART, Brasil
2000 The museum of paper fundation, Art on hand made paper, Mexico
2000 Paper artists of Ecuador, Poland
1999 The second Iberian American cultural journeys. For the peace and integration
1999 The Latin American stationers Club Cellulose from paper Annual Congress
1999 Stationers Artist from the Ecuatorian Central Bank
1999 The Latin American stationers club and the Quito Municipium, invite Imagnar to be part of August the month of arts
1999 The stationer artist from Ecuador Art in paper. The Construction Camera of Quito
1999 The stationer artist from Ecuador Fiber and Art. The Pacific Bankâs Archeological Museum
1998 Ancestral today. Latinoamerican Club of Paper Manufacters
1998 Latinoamerican Club of Paper Manufacters Quito-Ecuador
1997 Erotic art exhibition. Kingman Arts Hall Quito
1997 Latinoamerican club of paper manufacters. Art Forum Quito
1997 Central bank of Brasil. Latinoamerican Club of Paper Manufacters
1995 Showroom at the School of Architects in Quito June 15-30
1995 Hall of Arquitecture of Quito
1994 The Engraver’s Guild of Ecuador “TALLER”
1994 The British Council Exhibition and Practical Conference “A.G.E.”
1994 December exhibition “La Gallery”
1993 Fundación “Posada de las Artes Kingman” Asociación de Grabadores del Ecuador (A.G.E.) The Engraver’s Guild of Ecuador.
1992 Jorge Sosa Showroom. Quito-Ecuador
1992 Expressions Gallery, Guayaquil. Quito-Ecuador
1991 L’Art Gallery. Quito-Ecuador
1990 Najas Gallery Quito-Ecuador
1990 De Vuys’t Endara Gallery. Quito-Ecuador
1980 La Gruta Gallery, Santa FŽ de Bogotá-Colombia
1978 Amor al Arte Gallery (Love of Arts Gallery). Cali-Colombia

2013 LA CALACA PRESS III International Print Exchange “POSADA CENTENARIO” Casa de los tres mundos Granada Nicaragua.
2013 Exhibition “UNA EXPERIENCIA EN EL TALLER” Imaginar Casa de Arte Guayaquil.
2013 Exhibition 5 years of Printmaking, “Centro de Grafica Internacional”.
2005 Project “Lo Nuestro” Publicity Fences of recognized Ecuadorian painters. Publivia, Guayaquil-Ecuador.
2004 International Contest of Contemporaneous International Art / Certamen Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo, Guadalajara- México (second prize in the graphics category)
2004 First Art fair, Field Painting, Cuenca-Ecuador.
2004 Project “Lo Nuestro” Publicity Fences of recognized Ecuadorian painters. Publivia, Guayaquil-Ecuador.
2002 Iberoamerican Art Exhibition, Alianza francesa (French Alliance) Guayaquil. – Ecuador.
2001 Papel Arte IV/ Paper Art IV. Sao Paulo – Brazil.
2000 THE HUNE BRENNER Gallery-Paris
1999 Marco Antonio Rodríguez book Words and Image
1998 Concept’s Monastery Museum. Cuenca-Ecuador
1998 ART 100 DINERS from the XX century collection
1996 Israel Embassy “3000 years of Jerusalem”
1996 International Art Show. Azoguez City Hall
1996 Bryant Galleries, Jackson-New Orleans, U.S.A.
1995 DINERS magazine # 153, Ecuador, February/95 Guest Artist.
1995 Foundation ” Posada de las Artes Kingman” on the war theme.
1995 The Embassy of Colombia, Cultural Week and the Municipality of Quito invited Imaginar to be a part of Agosto, mes de las Artes” (August, month of the Arts).
1994 1rst. Bi-annual Exhibition of Posters, School of Architects, Quito- Ecuador.
1994 La Galeria Gallery: Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce.
1994 Consulate General of Colombia: “Cultural Week”
1993 50 Artists on paper. La Galeria Gallery. Quito-Ecuador.
1992 Critical Dictionary of Ecuadorian Plastic Artists of the XX Century, Hernan Rodriguez Castelo. Ecuadorian House of Culture (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana).
1991 ARTES PLASTICAS (Plastic Arts) Cultural Week of Colombia, Embassy of Colombia Quito-Ecuador

2013 Oficio de Crear Dr. Marco Antonio Rodríguez
2010 Word of oainters, artists of America, November, National Theatre lobby of the House of Ecuadorian Culture (CEC), Quito
2009 Interior Landscape, Imaginar Editions, Quito-Ecuador.
2002 Fine Artist from Ecuador, Ecuadorian House of culture and Ecuadorian international Embassy.
2002 Paper and Stamp 2000, Work of Latin American Artists, Grabat Edition. Buenos Aires-Argentina.
2001 100 Diners Artists send edition.
2001 Carlos Monsalve. Rodrigo Villacis Molina, Imaginar Editions.
1999 Word and Image, Marco Antonio Rodriguez
1992 Critic Dictionary of Ecuadorian fine artists of the twentieth century, Hernan Rodriguez Castelo, The Ecuadorian house of Culture.

2013 Oficio de Crear Dr. Marco Antonio Rodríguez.
2013 My Museum de Adriana Díaz y Deborah Morillo (Editor Literario)
2006 History of an intruder, Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Quito- Ecuador,(Special Edition 30 years).
2004 The ingenious Don Quixote of La Mancha, First Ecuadorian Edition, 1605- 2005, Edipcentro Cia. Ltda., Riobamba-Ecuador.
2004 Stories with a sense, Ramiro Diez, Quito Ecuador,
2004 The day that the angels lost their wings, Marcelo Rosero Aguirre, Quito- Ecuador.