The Big POCAT Challenge!!!

Hi, my name is Eva,
If you got this far, you already know that I love cats. So I decided to make these tees with the Pocat design. But as I looked into the details (professional graphic design, screen setup for different colors etc.) it turned out that it’s actually a lot more expensive than I had expected.
This is where Kickstarter Main pic2comes into the picture. Kickstarter is a great crowdfunding tool for people with new ideas to raise sufficient funds for launching their projects.
You can read more about Kickstarter on their own page: (It is an
absolutely impressive community!)

So, basically when the crowdfunding campaign closes with success, production will start and you will receive your Pocat tee soon after. Kickstarter makes all the transactions from start to finish safe for creator and backer as well.

To give a kickstart to the Big POCAT Challenge I will make the shipping free for the first 25  backers and I will add a gift as a sign of my appreciation. You would never guess what it is!  (But you can have a look at it on my Kickstarter page…)
So sign up now to be the first to know about the launch date by entering your e-mail address in the form below:

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