Andy Warhol, Eric Emerson (Chelsea Girls)

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Medium: Silkscreen
Created in 1982
Image size: 19.3" x 13.5" (49 x 34.3 cm)
Paper size: 30" x 22.25" (76 x 56.5 cm)
Hand signed in pencil lower right, numbered in lower right, published by Anthology Film Archives, New York.
Edition: 24 - annotated HC
Reference: Feldman-Schellmann II.287

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Fascinated by movie stars from the time he was six-years-old, Andy Warhol became enamored with making his own films after he bought a sixteen-millimeter Bolex camera in 1963. He was as unconventional and inventive in his films as he was in his paintings and prints. But instead of seeking out movie stars and celebrities for his films as he had done in his art, he formed his amateur casts and ordinary sets from his immediate world. This artwork is dominated by two frames from Warhol’s highly successful 1966 film, Chelsea Girls. Like many of Warhol’s films, Chelsea Girls lacked a script. Instead, the youthful Emerson, age twenty-two, improvised a monologue. He was an American musician, dancer, and actor who is most well known for his roles in Warhol’s films. In addition to Chelsea Girls, Emerson starred in Warhol’s Andy Makes a Movie and The Velvet Underground Tarot Cards. Additionally, Emerson is known for being a member of a glam punk group called The Magic Tramps. This particular piece demonstrates Warhol’s interest with the lighting manipulation and his characteristic employment of repetition. Warhol’s methodology encouraged spontaneity from his untrained actors. “I leave the camera running until it runs out of film, because that way I can catch people being themselves instead of getting up a scene and shooting it.”

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