Artwork Rental

Enjoy the works of art of world famous artists at your office or home for any period of time without having to actually buy the artwork, or just rent some for a special occasion.

All the works of art appearing on our website are available for rent to corporate clients and private individuals. Please contact us for availability and the latest information on our selection of artwork.

Rental Period
Long- or short-term rentals are available, starting from 1 day up to 1 year. Rental periods longer than 10 months are discounted by 10%. Other special arrangements are possible.

Rental Fees
The fee varies between 8%-20% of the retail price of the artwork. Rentals of over 5 pieces of artwork or rentals for longer than 10 months are discounted.

Works may be purchased at any time during the rental period. Should you decide to purchase the artwork, the total cost of rental will be deducted from your invoice price.

We request all our clients to purchase sufficient insurance to cover the full retail value of the artwork for all possible risk. We also ask for scheduling the artwork on an All Risk Floater and add Chali-Rosso Art Gallery as an additional name insured. Depending on the circumstances, the gallery may ask for proof of insurance unless a deposit of the full purchase price of the artwork is paid in advance. In this case you receive a full credit, less the rental amount upon return of the artwork.  

The client is essentially responsible for returning the artwork in the same condition it was delivered.

Pick up and delivery service is available.