Print Authenticity

All of the artwork in our gallery is ORIGINAL, we do not carry reproductions of any kind.

A work of art is original if the medium is created by the hand of the artist, printed by or under the artist’s supervision. Each artwork that is presented in our gallery goes through a rigirous authentication process and only if its originality is proven without any doubt, do we offer to the public. The Certificate of Authenticity we issue is based on reliable documentations, catalogue raisonnes and other  references of trusted resources within the academic art community. These documents can be verified through third party authenticators.

An example

An original lithograph is produced by the artist drawing the image onto a lithographic stone and then the stones, one for each colour, are inked and the print is made by pressing the same sheet of paper onto the stones in successive order. The completed lithographs can be individually signed and/or numbered or not. The number and signature do not have to be present for the work to be original and if a known unsigned work is signed, the signature must be proven to be original; as it is not supposed to be present.

Chali-Rosso Gallery stands behind all of it’s artwork as original and we can give you details about their authenticity. Each work is accompanied by meticulous documentation and certificate, thus assuring clients of the authenticity and value of their investment.
If you have specific questions about technique or originality of a specific work, please ask us, we are happy to talk to you about the different printing techniques and topics related to the creation of particular works.