TECHNOLOGY you can trust, CERTAINTY you can capture


To achieve the highest possible standards in art verification and to ensure authenticity
nano-D System ensures that the artwork you own cannot be copied and forged

There are many situations when your valuable artwork is out of sight:

  • Restoration
  • Storage
  • Lending for exhibitions
  • Absence due to theft
  • Resale

When it is finally returned to you there is no definitive way to determine if the artwork is the exact same piece or if it has been replicated…until now!

nano-D technology provides you, and your insurance company, with protection by capturing and storing an encrypted unique three dimensional image of your artwork that cannot be duplicated.

     Here’s how the nano-D System works 

  • Specific sections of the artwork are captured by the nano- D System and rendered into three dimensional nano-resolution images. Collected data of the artwork gets encrypted in a digital file.
  • From this time on the artwork has the unique identification data, a “fingerprint” that prevents the artwork to be mistaken for a copy or a forgery.
  • Anytime when needed, a comparative digital analysis can be performed with the previously rendered three-dimensional images.
  • An exact match, or a forgery, is determined with 100% certainty based on nano-Digital data and expert analysis.

nano-D certification ensures a life-time guarantee for the artwork’s identity and authenticity.

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