PriyAryan (Priya & Aryan), Fluid Cellular Steel Sculpture, "Without You"

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Fluid Cellular Steel (Composition) Sculpture
Dimensions: width 10", depth 14", height 45"

This sculpture is composed of thousands of custom cast, special grade, stainless steel bolt heads.  Each bolt head is individually welded from the back, so as not to disturb the interlocking surface design, allowing the severe, industrial materials to bend into fluid shapes.  The hexagon shape, reminiscent of a beehive, reflects even the slightest bit of available light from its seven surfaces.  Once completed, it is highly polished and a protective patina applied, insuring the sculpture to be safely installed even outdoors, to reflect the natural light.

The sculpture is completely handmade. Joining the bolts one by one requires meticulous attention and a special technique these two artists have mastered through many years of experience.

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The artist duo Priya and Aryan, complement each other not only in their taste towards life but also their artistic fervour. Being together for 15 years, and collaborating in various art ventures from sketching to painting and sculpting, have been a fun-filled journey for both of them.

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