Richard Forbes

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From early age, Richard traveled with his family extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East before moving to Canada in 1967. He first studied at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary in 1977. In 1985 he moved to Vancouver and attended Emily Carr College of Art and design from 1985 to 1989. Forbes has been working locally as a sculptor for the past 25 years. He lives and works in Langley, BC, where he owns and operates Forbes Foundry, a bronze foundry, located in a converted church just off Highway 1.

Richard is one of the very few artists still using the lost wax process, which takes the original clay model to finished bronze, in studio.
Lost wax process is an antique method of casting bronze sculptures. From the model, a mold is made and the cavity is filled with wax. By the heat the wax gets melted away leaving a hollow mold, hence the term ‘lost wax’ or ‘cire perdue’. The lost wax process is considered the highest quality method of creating bronze sculpture.