Patrick Sephani

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Patrick's art is incredibly expressive of mood and emotion. He has the ability to make use of the natural and the spiritual elements of stones to create his works of art. 
Stones: Patrick sources stones and minerals from various provinces of Zimbabwe, most come from the Great Dyke Belt. These stones belong to the geological family Serpentine. Patrick prefers to use this type of stone because of its natural colour and texture, and that it is mostly found in its natural form.
“My inspiration comes from the shape of the stone,” Patrick says. His focus is mostly the human figure – men, women and children. The stone will determine his decision of what the sculpture will eventually become. Sometimes the rock presents its own vision to him.
Patrick works entirely with hand tools. His tool set consists of a stone hammer, a chasing hammer (with teeth), chisels, rasps, files and point punches. 
“I’m often asked if I sketch or do drawings in advance of starting a piece. No, I do not. I prefer to communicate directly with the stone, respecting its natural elements. Together we create the sculpture. I believe that’s what makes my work so unique and powerful.”

His sculptures have been collected across the world, including Canada, USA, Netherlands, German, Belgium, and the UK.