Authenticity of the sculptures

The authenticity of these sculptures is supported by two of the most prominent authorities in the field of Dalí’s works. Each sculpture is accompanied by an official Certificate of Authenticity that has been approved by both, Reynolds Morse, late President and Founder of the Salvador Dalí Museum in Florida and Robert Descharnes, world-renowned Dalí expert and the author of the only catalogue raisonné of Salvador Dalí sculptures.

Each sculpture we showcase at the exhibition is numbered and bears Dalí’s signature, of which the copyright is owned by the publisher. The sculptures are included in Salvador Dalí’s official catalogue raisonné written by Robert Descharnes. A catalogue raisonné is a comprehensive reference book that identifies each and every artwork the artist created in his/her lifetime. Any artwork that is not included in the catalogue raisonné cannot be considered original work by the artist. The works are described in such a way that they may be reliably identified by third parties. Authenticity of an artwork often considered by the general public as a subjective opinion formed by an art professional, for instance an art dealer. Nothing can be further from the truth, especially in the case of artists of this magnitude. Well known artists’ œuvre are very well documented and array of catalogue raisonnés are describing their works by different mediums. For instance there are separate catalogues for the graphic works, the paintings and the sculptures of Dalí. These extensive and comprehensive books, often consisting of several volumes, are written by authorities, who were not just experts in their respective field but often someone who personally knew the artist well, e.g. a friend or a family member. The research into the authenticity of an artwork relies on the information provided by the catalogue raisonnés of these main authorities and the certificate of authenticity is solely based on those facts.

In addition to the assurance of the Certificate of Authenticity, it is an important fact that the sculptures come from an impeccable source, directly from the editor. Mr. Beniamino Levi, who is the editor and owner of the Dalí Sculpture Collection and the president of the prominent Stratton Foundation, is a leading art expert who had the privilege of meeting Dalí on several occasions in Paris, New York and in the artist’s home in Spain. With this collaboration, the Dalí Sculpture Collection was born.