Henri Matisse, Original Etching, "Mlle. Matisse" (Marguerite)

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Original Etching  on chine collé
Frontispiece from the volume of "Cinquante dessins" (Fifty Drawings)
Created in 1920 (a very early etching of the artist)
Image size: 5.75" x 4" (14.6 x 10 cm)
Paper size: 11.8" x 8.4" (30 x 21.3 cm)
Hand signed in ink
Edition of 1000
Reference: Duthuit 2

Marguerite, the daughter of Henri Matisse and Caroline Joblau, was born in 1894. She was often a model for her father. Over the years Marguerite became an expert on her father’s art and worked on a comprehensive catalogue of his oeuvre.

During World War II, Marguerite's life took a dramatic turn as she became involved in the French Resistance, actively working against the Nazi occupation. Her courageous actions led to her arrest by the Gestapo, and she endured torture during her captivity. At the time, her father, Henri Matisse, who was already in his 70s, feared for her life and believed that she would be killed. But Marguerite managed to escape during transport to a death camp and returned to the South of France in 1945, where her father resided and continued to work during the final years of his life.

Despite her talent as a painter, Marguerite chose to stop painting and destroyed most of her own artworks. She was concerned that collectors might mistake her signature for her father's, potentially leading to confusion and misattributions of the works. Instead of pursuing her own artistic endeavors, she adopted the role of caregiver to her father, protecting his legacy long after his death, until her death at 87 in 1982.
“Marguerite was the glue that held everyone together. Everyone recognized the amazing service and dedication she had in the family."

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