Sascha Westendorp

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Sascha’s creative career started with an apprenticeship in Silkscreen Printing in Munich, Germany followed by Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design, always with photography on the side. Her pieces are created on canvas or wood with acrylics and photo transfer. Working with the colors of photographs and enhancing them with acrylics is a satisfying and exciting journey. The door series is taking her to mysterious places and she thinks about where these doors might lead while photographing and painting them. Travelling to new destinations as often as she can, Sascha finds the doors on her many adventures. She hopes that by using her own curiosity as inspiration for her work she can invoke similar feelings of wonder and intrigue in others. Being intrigued by doors is nothing you need to force. They speak to many people. Anyone might find a door they would like to walk through, or wonder about what can be discovered on the other side. “One door closes and another one will open!”

Watch the creative process, here