Rembrandt Catalogue Raisonné


A beggar in a tall hat and long cloak, with
a cottage and two figures in the background
About 1629 or earlier S376
A cavalry fight About 1632 B117
A man making water 1631 B190
A peasant calling out ‘Tis vinnich kout’ 1634 B177
A peasant in a high cap, standing leaning on a stick 1639 B133
A peasant replying ‘Dats niet’ 1634 B178
A polander standing with his stick: right profile 1631 B142
A stout man in a large cloak About 1628 B184
A woman making water 1631 B191
A young man seated and standing
[The walking trainer]
About 1646 B194
Abraham and Isaac 1645 B034
Abraham casting out Hagar and Ishmael 1637 B030
Abraham Entertaining the Angels 1656 B029
Abraham Francen, apothecary [born 1613] About 1657 B273
Abraham's Sacrifice 1655 B035
Adam and Eva 1638 B028
Arnold Tholinx, inspector [died 1679] About 1656 B284
Bald old man with a short beard, in right profile About 1635 B306
Bald-headed man in right profile
[The artist’s father?]
1630 B292
Bald-headed man in right profile: small plate
[The artist’s father?]
1630 B294
Bearded man in a velvet cap with a jewel clasp 1637 B313
Bearded man, in a furred oriental cap and robe
[The artist’s father?]
1631 B263
Bearded old man with a high forehead About 1630 B314
Beggar in a high cap, standing and leaning on a stick About 1629 B162
Beggar leaning on a stick, facing left About 1630 B163
Beggar man and beggar woman conversing 1630 B164
Beggar man and woman About 1628 B183
Beggar man and woman behind a bank About 1630 B165
Beggar seated on a bank 1630 B174
Beggar seated warming his hands at a chafing dish About 1630 B173
Beggar with a crippled hand leaning on a stick About 1629 B166
Beggar with a wooden leg About 1630 B179
Beggar with his left hand extended 1631 B150
Beggar woman leaning on a stick 1646 B170
Beggars receiving alms at the door of a house 1648 B176
Bust of a man wearing a high cap, three-quarters right [The artist's father?] 1630 B321
Bust of an old bearded man, looking down, three-quarters right 1631 B260
Bust of an old man with a flowing beard, the head bowed forward, the left shoulder unshaded 1630 B325
Bust of an old man with a fur cap and flowing beard, nearly full face, eyes direct About 1631 B312
Bust of an old man with flowing beard and white sleeve About 1631 B291
Bust of an old woman in a furred cloak and heavy headdress 1631 B355
Canal with a large boat and bridge [‘Het schuytje op de voorgrondt’] 1650 B236
Canal with an angler and two swans 1650 B235
Christ and the woman of Samaria: among ruins 1634 B071
Christ and the woman of Samaria: an arched print 1658 B070
Christ appearing to the apostles 1656 B089
Christ at Emmaus: the larger plate 1654 B087
Christ at Emmaus: the smaller plate 1634 B088
Christ before Pilate: larger plate 1636 B077
Christ carried to the tomb About 1645 B084
Christ crucified between the two thieves [‘Three crosses’] 1653 B078
Christ crucified between the two thieves: an oval plate About 1641 B079
Christ disputing with the doctors: a sketch 1652 B065
Christ disputing with the doctors: small plate 1630 B066
Christ driving the moneychangers from the Temple 1635 B069
Christ preaching [‘La petite tombe’] About 1652 B067
Christ preaching [‘The hundred-guilder print’] About 1643-49 B074
Christ presented to the people: the oblong plate [‘Ecce homo’] 1655 B076
Christ returning from the Temple with his parents 1654 B060
Christ seated disputing with the doctors 1654 B064
Clement de Jonghe, printseller [1624/25-77] 1651 B272
Clump of trees with a vista 1652 B222
Cornelis Claesz. Anslo, preacher [1592-1646] 1641 B271
Cottage with a white paling 1648 B232
Cottages and farm buildings with a man sketching About 1645 B219
Cottages beside a canal About 1645 B228
David in prayer 1652 B041
Death appearing to a wedded couple from an open grave 1639 B109
Diana at the bath About 1631 B201
Ephraim Bonus, Jewish physician [1599-1655] 1647 B278
Faust About 1652 B270
Four illustrations to a Spanish book 1655 B036
Girl with a basket About 1642 B356
Head of a man in a fur cap, crying out About 1629-30 B327
Head of a man in a high cap About 1631 B302
Jacob caressing Benjamin (Abraham caressing Isaac) About 1637 B033
Jan Antonides van der Linden [1609-64] About B264
Jan Asselyn, painter [‘Crabbetje’; 1610-52] About 1647 B277
Jan Cornelis Sylvius, preacher [1564-1638] 1633 B266
Jan Cornelis Sylvius, preacher [1564-1638] 1646 B280
Jan Lutma, goldsmith [1584-1669] 1656 B276
Jan Six [1618-1700] 1647 B285
Jan Uytenbogaert, [1606-84; ‘The goldweigher’] 1639 B281
Jan Uytenbogaert, preacher of the Remonstrants [1557-1644] 1635 B279
Joseph and Potiphar's Wife 1634 B039
Joseph telling his dreams 1638 B037
Joseph’s coat brought to Jacob About 1633 B038
Jupiter and Antiope: the larger plate 1659 B203
Jupiter and Antiope: the smaller plate About 1631 B204
Landscape with a cottage and a large tree 1641 B226
Landscape with a cottage and haybarn: oblong 1641 B225
Landscape with a cow About 1650 B237
Landscape with a fisherman [‘Het melkboertje’] About 1652 B213
Landscape with a hay barn and a flock of sheep 1652 B224
Landscape with a road beside a canal About 1652 B221
Landscape with a shepherd and a dog [‘Het jagertje’] About 1653 B211
Landscape with a square tower 1650 B218
Landscape with an obelisk About 1650 B227
Landscape with three gabled cottages beside a road 1650 B217
Landscape with trees, farm buildings and a tower About 1651 B223
Ledikant or Lit à la française 1646 B186
Lieven Willemsz, van Coppenol, writing-master [1599 - after 1677] About 1658 B282
Lieven Willemsz, van Coppenol, writing-master: the larger plate About 1658 B283
Man at a desk wearing a cross and chain 1641 B261
Man drawing from a cast About 1641 B130
Man in a broad-brimmed hat 1638 B311
Man in a coat and fur cap leaning against a bank About 1630 B151
Man in an arbor 1642 B257
Man wearing a close cap: bust [The artist’s father?] 1630 B304
Medea: or the marriage of Jason and Creusa 1648 B112
Naked woman seated on a mound About 1631 B198
Negress lying down 1658 B205
Nude man seated before a curtain 1646 B193
Nude man seated on the ground with one leg extended 1646 B196
Old bearded man in a high fur cap, with eyes closed About 1635 B290
Old beggar woman with a gourd About 1629 B168
Old man in a long cloak sitting in an armchair About 1630 B160
Old man in meditation, leaning on a book About 1645 B147
Old man shading his eyes with his hand About 1639 B259
Old man with a divided fur cap 1640 B265
Old man with a flowing beard 1630 B309
Old man with a flowing beard: bust 1631 B315
Old man with beard, fur cap and velvet cloak About 1632 B262
Old man with snub nose About 1629 S399
Old woman seated in a cottage with a string of onions on the wall 1631 B134
Old woman sleeping About 1635-37 B350
Peasant family on the tramp About 1652 B131
Peasant with his hands behind his back 1631 B135
Peter and John at the gate of the Temple: roughly etched About 1629 B095
Peter and John healing the cripple at the gate of the Temple 1659 B094
Pharisees in the Temple [Jews in the synagogue] 1648 B126
Pieter Haaringh [‘Young Haaringh’; 1609-85] 1655 B275
Polander leaning on a stick About 1632 B141
Portrait of a boy, in profile 1641 B310
Ragged peasant with his hands behind him, holding a stick About 1630 B172
Samuel Menasseh ben Israel [1604-57] 1636 B269
Saskia with pearls in her hair 1634 B347
Seated beggar and his dog About 1629 B175
Seated naked woman [‘Woman bathing her feet at a brook’] 1658 B200
Seated naked woman with a hat beside her [Woman at the bath] 1658 B199
Self portrait [?] with plumed cap and lowered sabre 1634 B023
Self portrait bareheaded, with high curly hair: head and bust About 1628 B027
Self portrait bare-headed: bust, roughly etched 1629 B338
Self portrait drawing at a window 1648 B022
Self portrait in a cap and scarf with the face dark: bust 1633 B017
Self portrait in a cap, laughing 1630 B316
Self portrait in a cap, with eyes wide open 1630 B320
Self portrait in a cloak with a falling collar: bust 1630-1631 B015
Self portrait in a flat cap and embroidered dress About 1642 B026
Self portrait in a fur cap, in an oval border About 1629 B012
Self portrait in a fur cap: bust 1630 B024
Self portrait in a heavy fur cap: bust 1631 B016
Self portrait in a soft hat and embroidered cloak 1631 B007
Self portrait in a velvet cap with plume 1638 B020
Self portrait leaning forward: bust About 1628 B005
Self portrait leaning on a stone sill 1639 B021
Self portrait open-mouthed, as if shouting: bust 1630 B013
Self portrait wearing a soft cap: full face, head only About 1634 B002
Self portrait with a broad nose About 1628 B004
Self portrait with cap pulled forward About 1631 B319
Self portrait with curly hair and white collar About 1630 B001
Self portrait with long bushy hair: head only About 1631 B008
Self portrait with raised sabre 1634 B018
Self portrait with Saskia 1636 B019
Self portrait, frowning: bust 1630 B010
Self portrait, leaning forward, listening About 1628 B009
Sheet of studies of men’s heads About 1630-31 B366
Sheet of studies with the head of the artist, a beggar woman, woman and child 1651 B370
Sheet of studies, with a woman lying ill in bed, etc. About 1641-42 B369
Sheet of studies: head of the artist, a beggar couple, heads of an old man and woman, etc. About 1632 B363
Sheet with two studies: a tree, and the upper part of a head of the artist wearing a velvet cap About 1638 B372
Sick woman with a large white headdress [Saskia] About 1641-42 B359
Simeon’s hymn of praise [The presentation in the Temple with the angel: the small plate] 1630 B051
Simeon’s hymn of praise [The presentation in the Temple: oblong print] About 1639 B049
Six’s bridge 1645 B208
Sleeping puppy About 1640 B158
Small gray landscape: a house and trees beside a pool About 1640 B207
St. Francis beneath a tree praying 1657 B107
St. Jerome beside a pollard willow 1648 B103
St. Jerome in a dark chamber 1642 B105
St. Jerome kneeling in prayer, looking down 1635 B102
St. Jerome kneeling: a large plate About 1629 B106
St. Jerome praying: arched print 1632 B101
St. Jerome reading 1634 B100
St. Jerome reading in an Italian landscape About 1654 B104
St. Paul in meditation About 1629 B149
St. Peter in penitence 1645 B096
Student at a table by candlelight About 1642 B148
Studies of the head of Saskia and others 1636 B365
The adoration of the shepherds: a night piece About 1652 B046
The adoration of the shepherds: with the lamp About 1654 B045
The agony in the garden About 1657 B075
The angel appearing to the shepherds 1634 B044
The angel departing from the family of Tobias 1641 B043
The artist drawing from the model About 1639 B192
The artist’s mother in a cloth headdress, looking down: head only 1633 B351
The artist’s mother seated at a table, looking right: three-quarter length About 1631 B343
The artist’s mother seated, in an oriental headdress: half-length 1631 B348
The artist’s mother with her hand on her chest: small bust 1631 B349
The artist’s mother: head and bust, three-quarters right 1628 B354
The artist’s mother: head only, full face 1628 B352
The artist’s son Titus About 1656 B011
The baptism of the eunuch 1641 B098
The barrel-organ player [Polander standing with arms folded] About 1631 B140
The bathers 1951 B195
The beheading of John the Baptist 1640 B092
The blind fiddler 1631 B138
The blindness of Tobit: a sketch About 1629 B153
The blindness of Tobit: the larger plate 1651 B042
The boat house [Grotto with a brook; ‘Het spelonkje’] 1645 B231
The bull [‘Het stiertje’] About 1650 B253
The card player 1641 B136
The circumcision About 1626 S398
The circumcision in the stable 1654 B047
The circumcision: small plate About 1630 B048
The crucifixion: small plate About 1635 B080
The death of the Virgin 1639 B099
The descent from the cross by torchlight 1654 B083
The descent from the cross: a sketch 1642 B082
The descent from the cross: the second plate 1633 B081
The entombment About 1654 B086
The first oriental head 1635 B286
The flight into Egypt: a night piece 1651 B053
The flight into Egypt: a sketch About 1627 B054
The flight into Egypt: crossing a brook 1654 B055
The flight into Egypt: the small plate 1633 B052
The flute player [L’espiegle] 1642 B188
The fourth oriental head About 1635 B289
The goldsmith 1655 B123
The goldweigher’s field 1651 B234
The golf player 1654 B125
The good Samaritan 1633 B090
The great Jewish bride 1635 B340
The hog 1643 B157
The holy family About 1632 B062
The large lion hunt 1641 B114
The leper [“Lazarus clep”] 1631 B171
The little Jewish bride [Saskia as St. Catherine] 1638 B342
The monk in the cornfield About 1646 B187
The Omval 1645 B209
The pancake woman 1635 B124
The Persian 1632 B152
The phoenix or the statue overthrown 1658 B110
The presentation in the Temple in the dark manner About 1654 B050
The quacksalver 1635 B129
The raising of Lazarus: the larger plate About 1630 B073
The raising of Lazarus: the small plate 1642 B072
The rat-poison peddler [The rat catcher] 1632 B121
The rest on the flight into Egypt About 1626 B059
The rest on the flight: a night piece About 1644 B057
The rest on the flight: altered from Seghers About 1653 B056
The rest on the flight: lightly etched 1645 B058
The return of the prodigal son 1636 B091
The second oriental head About 1635 B287
The shell [Conus Marmoreus] 1650 B159
The shepherd and his family 1644 B220
The ship of fortune 1633 B111
The skater About 1639 B156
The sleeping herdsman About 1644 B189
The small lion hunt: with one lion About 1629 B116
The small lion hunt: with two lions About 1629 B115
The Spanish gypsy ‘Preciosa’ About 1642 B120
The star of the kings: a night piece About 1651 B113
The stoning of St.Stephen 1635 B097
The strolling musicians About 1635 B119
The third oriental head 1635 B288
The three trees 1643 B212
The tribute money About 1635 B068
The triumph of Mordechai About 1641 B040
The Virgin and the child with the cat and snake 1654 B063
The Virgin with the instruments of the passion About 1652 B085
The white negress About 1630 B357
The windmill 1641 B233
The woman with the arrow [Venus and Cupid?] 1661 B202
Thomas Haaringh [‘Old Haaringh’; died 1660] About 1655 B274
Three heads of women, one asleep 1637 B368
Three heads of women, one lightly etched About 1637 B367
Three oriental figures [Jacob and Laban?] 1641 B118
Three studies of old men’s heads About 1630 B374
Turbaned soldier on horseback About 1632 B139
Two beggars tramping towards the right About 1631 B154
Two studies of beggars About 1629 B182
Two tramps, a man and a woman About 1634 B144
View of Amsterdam from the northwest About 1640 B210
Virgin and child in the clouds 1641 B061
Woman at a door hatch talking to a man and children [‘The Schoolmaster’] 1641 B128
Woman reading 1634 B345
Woman sitting half dressed beside a stove 1658 B197
Young man in a velvet cap [Petrus Sylvius, preacher?; 1610-53] 1637 B268

The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt Reproduced in Original Size, Gary Schwartz (editor). New York: Dover, 1994.