Claes Oldenburg, Original Silkscreen, "Clothespin"

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Full title: "Proposal for a colossal structure in the form of a Clothespin"
Original Silkscreen
Created in 1972
Artwork size: 21.25" x 13.5"
Hand signed and numbered
Edition of 200
Reference: Axsom 103

The artwork is based on the artist's own 45' high sculpture, ‘Clothespin‘, located at Centre Square in Philadelphia, US. When asked about the meaning of the ‘Clothespin’, Oldenburg claimed that his sculpture was not about the literal image of the ‘Clothespin’, rather he wanted to create a new image that showed the use of form and structure of art. Oldenburg said that the sculpture reminded him of the famous Brancusi’s piece ‘The Kiss’, which image he also included in the lower left corner of the artwork. The artist also believes that the shape of the ‘Clothespin’ is identical to the Liberty Bell.

Watch a short video with Claes Oldenburg about Clothespin, the idea, meaning and the circumstances it came about. 

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