Glass Coasters - Van Gogh paintings, set of 4, with stand

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Elegant glass drink coasters with metal stand
Material: glass, metal
Size: 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 1/8" (thick)

Decorate your coffee table with glass drink coasters by your favorite masterpiece artist -- Vincent Van Gogh. Each drink coaster shows a different famous painting -- Haystack, Irises, Sunflowers and Almond Blossoms. The colors are vibrant and will add a pop of color to your table setting.

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) - Post-impressionist painter Van Gogh had an enormous influence on 20th-century art. However, he did not live to see his artistry recognized. During his lifetime only one of his works was ever sold.
At the age of 37 the lonely artist, driven to despair by a destructive psychological affliction, committed suicide. After having drawn and painted like someone possessed for ten years he left behind a substantial oeuvre which provided an important stimulus to artistic movements such as Fauvism and Expressionism.