Rembrandt van Rijn, Original etching, "The Raising of Lazarus"

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Original Etching and engraving (The Larger Plate)
Created cca. 1632
Size: 14.3" × 10.1" (36.3 × 25.6 cm)
A very clean, strong impression - Millennium edition
Reference: Bartsch 73, BB 32-4, New Hollstein 113

As its title suggests, the artwork portrays the biblical moment of Christ's miraculous resurrection of Lazarus. Rembrandt's skillful use of light and shadow is evident in the stark contrast between the dark, somber tomb and the radiant beam illuminating Lazarus. Christ's silhouette and his luminous outreached hand serve as a visual bridge between darkness and light, showcasing the artist's mastery as both an etcher and a storyteller.
'The Raising of Lazarus' stands as a remarkable testament to Rembrandt's virtuosity in etching. Among his most refined works, this piece is distinguished by its intricate detail and meticulous craftsmanship.

This particular etching originates from the Millennium Portfolio, a curated collection comprising eight etchings taken from Rembrandt's original copper plates spanning from 1993 to 2000. Following Rembrandt's death in 1669, the majority of his etching plates remained together in a single collection until they were sold at auction in 1993. Subsequently dispersed among museums and private collectors worldwide, eight of these plates found their way into the possession of Howard Berger, an avid collector.
In collaboration with master printers Emiliano Sorini and Marjorie Van Dyke, Berger embarked on a project to pull impressions from Rembrandt's original plates. Dubbed the Millennium Edition, this artistic endeavor was limited to 2,500 impressions of each image, pulled over a ten-year period in the last decade of the 20th century. The collection is offering contemporary audiences a glimpse into Rembrandt's technical virtuosity and personal insights.
Condition: Very clean and well-inked impression, in museum grade framing

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