Salvador Dali, Bronze Sculpture, "Dance of Time I."

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Medium: Bronze
Height: 15.2" (38.5 cm)
Technique: Lost wax process
Patina: Green/gold
Edition: 350
Year: Conceived in 1979
First Cast: 1984
References: Descharnes, Dali: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects. Eccart, 2004. Pg. 248 ref. 639

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Salvador Dalí was intrigued by time as a concept, a fascination that followed him throughout his life. The melting clock motif, the most iconic of Dalí’s images, is a representation of the duality between time and timelessness.
It leads the viewer into his world, where imagination and time are limitless. He makes us confront the limitations that we force upon our perception of reality. The first time this iconoclastic image appears on his famous painting from 1931, was titled, The Persistence of Memory, now part of the collection of MoMA, NY.
Dalí brings to this sculpture a dynamism, where the clock appears to be literally “dancing”, unrestrained by the rigid laws of time. The artist's representation of clock and time, - object and notion -, startles the viewer and sometimes shocks us, but at the same time it elevates us out of the ordinary sequence of events. We are provided the opportunity to gain insight into the artist’s perspective on our existence. Whether you love it or not, you simply cannot pass by indifferently.

“The famous soft watches are nothing else than the tender, extravagant,
paranoic-critical camembert of time and space.”
- Salvador Dalí