Salvador Dali, Bronze Sculpture, "Nobility of Time"

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Medium: Bronze
Height: 23.65" (60 cm)
Technique: Lost wax process
Patina: Green/gold
Edition (artist proof): 35 EA - there was also a numbered edition of 350
Year: Conceived in 1977
First Cast: 1984
References: Descharnes, Dali: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects. Eccart, 2004. Pg. 247 ref. 635

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Dalí's soft watch is both draped against and supported by the remains of a tree whose trunks sprout new life and whose roots entwine a stone. Time, according to a Dalinian watch, is timeless and cannot be set, the watch itself has no internal power or motion. It is eternal.
Given this absence of movement, the royal crown which adorns the watch, identifies time's mastery over human beings. His majesty is attended by two reoccurring, fantastical Dalinian symbols: a contemplative angel, and a woman draped in shawls look on.