Salvador Dali, Bronze Sculpture, "Surrealist Warrior"

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Medium: Bronze
Height: 20" (51 cm)
Technique: Lost wax process
Patina: Brown
Edition size: 350+35 EA
Year: Conceived in 1971
First Cast: 1984
References: Descharnes, Dali: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects. Eccart, 2004. Pg. 251 ref. 647

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The image of this Roman warrior, as created by Dalí, represents all victories, real and ethereal, spiritual and physical. Dalí's surrealistic interpretation of the warrior includes the addition of a window of light, portrayed through a " hole " in the warrior's chest - this window inspires us to attempt to see that which is not evident, as well as that which encompasses the dream world beyond everyday reality.