Salvador Dali, Unique Watercolour, "Three Graces of Cova d'Or"

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Unique Watercolour with Embossing
Created in 1975, Paris
Artwork size: 23.5” x 31.5”

The watercolour served as a study for a mixed media etching/lithograph of the same title. Additionally to the watercolour, three de-compositional works were created as well, each on separate sheet of wove paper, as follows:

  • Embossed state: The two sides formed under pressure creating a convex and concave impression in the paper. From the front view the embossing is concave, resulting in a glowing effect, as if the artwork was lit from below.
  • Colour state: Lithographic colours applied on top of the monochrome state. Registration marks are visible.
  • Monochrome lithograph with etching: This state is void of colours or the embossing. It bears the pencil signature of Dali

These additional three art works are also included in the set, well demonstrating the evolution of an artwork in the creative process. It is an extremely rare opportunity to showcase a progressive suite, revealing its compositional elements.

The complete set (4 artwork) come directly from the Collection and Archives of the Atelier Mourlot in Paris. The Mourlot Atelier was the studio where Salvador Dali created also many of his graphic works.

Certificate of Provenance by Eric Mourlot (grandson of Fernand Mourlot) provided.
Certificate of Authenticity by the gallery is also included.

The art works are framed. When delivered or picked-up in gallery, framing is included. Artwork ships unframed unless otherwise arranged. Please contact us if you need shipping the artwork framed.