The Divine Comedy - Purgatorio (Purgatory)

The Divine Comedy suite consists of 100 wood engraved images by Salvador Dali, based on Dante Alighieri's literary work of the same title. It describes Dante’s journey through Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso (Heaven ), an allegorical journey to discover the purpose and higher value of life. Read more about the story and historical background

Inferno   Purgatorio   Paradiso

The Fallen Angel The Ship of Souls The Indolent Ones The Negligent Ones Virgil's Reproaches
Death by Violence Princes of the
Blossoming Valley
The Guardian Angels
of the Valley
The Dream Virgil's Face
The Proud Ones The Beauty of Sculptures The Second Terrace A Spirit Questions Dante Envy
In the Cloud of Angry Ones Leaving the Terrace
of Anger
The Forth Terrace Dante's Dream Avarice and Prodigality
The Source The Prodigality The Gluttony The Tree of Penitence Mounting the Seventh
Terrace: Lust
Meeting of Two Groups
of Lustful Ones
The Last Words of Virgil The Divine Forest Meeting of Dante and
Announcement of
the Great Event
Dante's Confession The Earthly Paradise Dante Purified