Richard Forbes, Bronze Sculpture, "Anatomy of the Horse"

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Bronze Sculpture
Created in 2023
Dimensions: height 34.6" (37" incl. base), width 13.25", depth 22.5" 
Signed and dated "R Forbes/23" on top right

Richard, an avid horse lover, was inspired to create this magnificent sculpture after studying the 18th century book, The Anatomy of the Horse, by George Stubbs.
The sculpture has been cast using the lost wax method, considered the highest quality process for the creation of bronze sculptures. The signature, intricate details, featuring a unique shape and markings, are achieved with the introduction of cold water during the creative process.

by Richard Forbes:
I have loved horses all my life!
They have had a wonderful, symbiotic relationship with humans for millennia,
These mystical and spiritual beings have a gentle nature and they move with such incredible grace and beauty. At the same time, they willingly do whatever is asked of them, whether racehorse, Polo pony, work horse or war horse, they stand ready to comply to our commands.

In 1973, I watched as Secretariat and jockey Ron Turcotte won the Triple Crown. That was their 3rd and final race together and what they accomplished together that day, brought me to tears.
In the 1930’s, the Saxon burial grounds at Sutton Hoo were unearthed. When I saw the treasures discovered there, I was struck by the beauty of the intricately decorated bronze masks. They were more akin to jewelry than armor. This too inspired me.
Anatomy of the Horse, is the most recent sculpture I have completed. It embodies so many memories from my childhood, the 1930’s Anglo-Saxon discoveries at Sutton Woo and Secretariat’s win in 1973. For many years, I have cast my bronzes using the ancient, lost wax process. My latest work takes it one step further, showcasing my experimentation of the interaction between hot wax and cold water. The result adds an ornate, jewel-like detail to the otherwise, smooth, hard surface of the bronze.

May this magnificent and proud creature grace your home and protect all those who enter!